Canada's Broadband Performance

Another report has been released comparing the performance of broadband services in 42 countries.  The latest is from the Oxford Said Business School (sponsored by Cisco).  It considered information on three metrics - availability, penetration and quality.  Countries were assigned a Broadband Quality Score (BQS), measured according to the average download and upload capacity and latency.  According to tests conducted for the report, Canada ranked 27 out of 42 with a BQS of slightly less than 32.  A score of 32 or higher was assigned to countries where the download capacity was at least 3.75 Mbps, upload was at least 1 Mbps and latency was no more than 95 milliseconds.  Broadband services that did not meet this threshold were considered inadequate to meet the requirements of today's web applications.

Canada's BQS ranking was relatively low when compared to the OECD analysis of  advertised speeds of broadband service providers.  The OECD statistics were for download capacity only, but indicated speeds in Canada that were the same as Denmark (ranked 8th in BQS) and actually ahead of Netherlands (ranked 3rd in BQS).

In terms of broadband availability and penetration, the CRTC's recent Communications Monitoring Report stated that broadband services (defined as at least 1.5 Mbps) were available to 93% of households and 8.4 million households subscribed (64% of the total).

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